We all have a calling. Not some profound pilgrimage through distant landscapes or spending four years flat on your back and inducing RSI through devotedly muralling an Italian chapel ceiling. A calling can be anything. For some, it is as simple as creating a family, devoting themselves to the hood, be that mother or father. […]

The Therapy of Giving

If there is one thing that challenges us in today’s bustling, frenetic, over-exposed society, it is our sense of purpose. The age-old question of “why am I here” has confounded and perplexed us since cognitive sentient thought began. It is that notion of belonging, of direction and reason that whispers when we wake and grows […]


“Go fuck yourself’ – but as she said it, she knew there would be a trade-off.” muse: nigel simmonds With a stoic sigh of resignation, she descended into the suffocating claustrophobia of the subway, just another molecule in the vast and undulating mass of pinstriped, tailored, monochromatically-clad human flesh migrating from the innermost hub of the […]


“There was a knock at her door; it was Nick Cave.” muse: kirra pendergast Maggie was sick and tired of people taking the piss; specifically, people with flaccid appendages dangling between their legs; more specifically the preened-bearded, wax-haired, fake-spectacled, kitsch-shirted six-foot-one flaccid appendage talking at her from the other side of the reclaimed pallet table […]


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