Let’s be the ones
Looking the other way,
Laughing in gridlock,
Racing up the down escalatorĀ 
To break the mundane commute.

Let’s be the ones
Playing in the rain,
Slow-dancing to silence,
Finding joy in those moments
When others wear a frown.

Let’s be the ones
Running in the hallways,
Walking barefoot in the cities,
Seeing masterpieces in the structures
Of a grey and lifeless world.

Let’s be the ones
Chasing beetles in the park,
Finding wonder in minutiae,
Standing on tables to find a place
That no one else has seen.

Let’s be the onesĀ 
Migrating North,
Defying convention,
Resolute in every step that takes us away
From what is right or normal.

Let’s be the ones
Defining love,
Protecting life,
Deleting from vocabulary
The can’ts and won’ts and maybes.

Let’s be the ones
Swimming naked in the moonlight,
Saving honey bees from the tide,
Beach combing for trash amongst the jewels
Of shells and pebbles and driftwood.

Let’s be the ones
Keeping hope alive,
Breaking soul-cages,
Reminding everyone we touch that good enough
Is never good enough.

Let’s be the ones
To live.