Take her hand,
Promise her your faith,
For she will be your guide
In distant lands,
You lighthouse
Through the storms,
She holds the key
To a thousand doors,
The answer
To a thousand secrets.
She will give you
Endless gifts,
The sweetest fruit
Your tongue may ever touch,
The purest water
To grace your parched and aching throat.
But you must see.
Give her your eyes
And your ears
In darkness and silence,
Give her your open heart 
Through ire and sorrow,
Give her your days and weeks,
For every one
She will return to you tenfold.
Do not crush her silken wings,
Do not steal her hope.
Do not let her colours fade
As you clutch her in your hungry arms.

Let go, trust.
She will return,
And with her she carries the gifts
Of a million iridescent moments.