Representing a business that lacks an identity, logo, website or branding can be challenging, with a need to convey the business’ theme and emotion without relying upon the usual elements, like trying to create something giving the impression of a house without actually building a house. Yoga Kiss is a casual but growing business that […]


      With a strong branding image but only minimal packaging design, I was asked to create labelling reflecting the logo and feel of the existing image. Clean, simple designs were created to reflect each of the key elements of a range of raw vegan chocolates to advertise each flavour simply to a retail […]


Building a brand from scratch, it is essential to develop a distinctive logo that best represents the business. Nourish Noosa provided nourishing, vegan lunch boxes to businesses and individuals around the Noosa region and wanted to embody a nurturing, healthy, plant-based image while remaining simple and clean. This subsequent logo and the website created conveyed […]


Indigenous musician Danny Bani grew up in Far North Queensland and has blending a wealth and variety of inspiration into his own blues-inspired sound. Danny’s Byron-based management company, Aum PR + Creative, required a full CD soft cover design in a short timeframe – six panels that must interconnect and compliment each other, paying specific […]