You have broken my world,
Razed my walls, fractured the illusions
So carefully crafted for just such moments.
Disarmed and naked, you have stolenĀ 
My sanctuary in solitude.

For so long, I have run away,
Run inside, run deep into the shadows
That no light could penetrate,
Into the safety of anonymity,
Into the safety of alone.

My cocoon is gone,
That hermitage of growth and pain,
Of life and death,
A complete and perfect shell
And a mask to so much hurt.

The lies I have told myself,
The fabrications of my life,
Fall from my lips, redundant,
Like dried and lifeless leaves,
The useless litter of Autumnal skeletons.

What could this life be
If not for you?
You, for whom rainbows weep their spectral radiance
Into the world;
You, who took my hand, placed it upon my heart
So that I might hear the lyrics of its song;
You, who whispered to me
The secrets of horizons,
Who placed galaxies in dew drops
And infinity in the dawn;
You, who did not release my from these chains
But taught me how to pick their locks
That they might fall to my feet,
Constrain me no more,
Vanquished by this newfound disbelief.

You have eroded all that life once was
By showing me
All thatĀ 
Life can be.