A collection of new packaging design for Calmer Sutra Tea

As one of my longest standing clients, I have created numerous packaging and label designs for Calmer Sutra Tea, as well as creating their website,

Following are a handful of examples of packaging design:

Retail Chai bag – designed for and printed onto brown paper satchels:



Business Cards – Concise, simple, conveying the brand & ethos in minimalism:




Product Brochure – Sent to distributors and stockists, the brochure is needed to portray the brand as well as provide the necessary information as clearly and concisely as possible (click image to view the complete document):



Vegan Chai – Required to wrap around a cylindrical container, the label presented the issue of sectioning, ensuring that the most important information presented clearly, whilst allowing space for additional requirements:


In addition to numerous additional printed items, SubCutanea also created the Calmer Sutra Tea eCommerce website: